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Prepare all of the nails by pushing back and removing the cuticles.First, break the glossy seal of the gel polish by buffing the entire surface of your nails with the nail buffer.Once you give the acetone time to work its magic, grab the file (or a wooden orange stick) again and continue to gently scrape the layers to safely remove the gel polish.They can also be removed with any nail polish remover or acetone.CND Shellac UV LED Gel Nail Polish 7.3ml 0.25oz - PICK Any in GENUINE ALL COLOURS Part A.

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With so much talk about gel nail polish, I decided to check it out for myself.If any nails still have a significant amount of polish remaining, re-wrap and wait another 60 seconds. 6. Gently remove any leftover polish.

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These are the four definitive steps to removing gel nail polish at home.

Step 1: Buff away the top coat of the gel polish with a 180 grit nail file.

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You have finally decided which gel...

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Removing gel nail polish is easy to do with a few simple materials and tools by roughing up the surface of the nail, soaking the nails in acetone, gently lifting the gel polish from the nails and moisturizing the hands.

After a while, you can notice how the edges of your gel nail polish begin to peel off.The key to removing gel nail polish is to soak your finger tips in acetone.

Get yourself a coarse nail file and gently sand down the top layer of gel polish.The cuticle is the dead skin that attaches to the nail plate at the base of the nail, and it needs to be properly pushed back and removed from the nail so that your gel polish can adhere properly.

Using nail buffer remove traces of gel nail polish and wash your hands including nails.

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The gel polish technology makes use of UV rays after the application of the nail polish and this makes the polish stick well to the nails for a longer period of time.

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This means that the nails are placed under the light to dry before adding another layer.Use your thumb to firmly press the top of each nail and slide the wrap up and off.

No. Gel polish is completely unlike regular nail polish and needs to the UV or LED light to form a hard layer.An easy solution is to use an e-file with a coarse sanding band.